On Job Training Management Strategies And Methods

On Job Training is for those already employed with the company while the company doesn’t want to lose them at the cost of their regular work. Training is often given when a new concept is introduced as well as when some alteration, modifications or changes are made by the management. How to train employees in the best effective way is all about training them while keeping them at work.
The employees must realize that the training is for their benefit and the organization is caring for them. Here are a few measures the human resource manager or any department manager may

take for on job training.

Seminars are supposed to be the most popular training method. Here, the trainer shares necessary information in the form of a lecture and PowerPoint presentation. Once they understand this they are asked to comply with the basic set of requirements. To ensure that they understood well, evaluation tests are also carried out at the end.

A teacher is appointed to coach the candidate. The candidate is coached for upcoming circumstances and how to react in emergency or abnormal situations. These coaching sessions are provided from time to time in the organisation so that very one can remain updated.

Under study
It is a method where a junior is works under an experienced senior. This method is very effective

as the new professional gets chance to learn how the experienced people behave in different situations. 

Information sharing with a presentation is an effective tool for training the employees. Here, the employees get the chance to discuss their problems with the expert trainers. It is one of the simplest methods for training. The only problem with this method is that sometimes the presentation goes out of track or the people feel sleepy due to the energy level of the trainer.

Job rotation
A person who is needed to be trained is provided with various job responsibilities and various work areas so that he can understand and get trained under various job responsibilities of work place.

Incognito training
In this method virtual situations are created. These situations are created so as to record the reaction of the employees during emergency situations. This method is time consuming and expensive at times but very successful as it also makes evaluation very easy.

All these methods are useful to train employees and help the employees react wisely at the time of need.

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