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Appointing a health and safety officer is a statutory requirement and essential for the well-being of the organization and its employees. If summarized in a sentence the duty of safety officer is to minimize the hazards so as to protect the property and the health of employees in the premises. Jobs in safety are available with all types of occupancies thus the safety officers have various options available with them where to get employed. Here is a glance at the career options available with a health and safety officer: -

Job Opportunities in Oil & Gas Industry
Oil and gas industry

is usually the most sought after destination for the safety officers, particularly those engineers that have undergone a fire training as well. This sector offers the best of packages when compared to other fields.

Job Openings for Health and Safety Officer at Other Factories
From food manufacturing to chemical manufacturing, safety officers are recruited everywhere. The salary offered is often higher in the high hazard factories than the light hazard occupancies.

Job Opportunities in the Construction Sector
Safety at construction site is one of the hottest discussions these days. Since there are number of hazards

present there, safety officers get different jobs from safety officer at construction site to supervision of construction at various sites across the state or region.

Career in Safety Audits
Some individuals like inspecting different occupancies and suggesting people for improvements. Such people are the best option for conducting safety audits. Individual auditors to audit firms, audit jobs are in plenty in the market.

Career Opportunities as a Safety Consultant
Issues like machine guarding, height work difficulties and lock out tag out often require expert advice. Safety officers sometimes when find it difficult seek support of outside agencies or consultants to support them towards implementation of safety at their workplace.

Career Prospects in Safety Training 
Those who love public speaking have the best job to do here. Though safety training is a part of job of the safety officer, yet trainings are often outsourced where the safety officer is not there or is not specialized in that particular job  training. For example first aid training requires an expert.

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