Introduction To Safety Audits

Safety audit is carried out to ensure that unsafe acts and unsafe conditions are brought to a minimum level so that there is a safe work environment. The purpose of safety audit is to ensure that there are definitions and safe procedures for works and the set definitions and safe procedures are practiced. Components of a safety audit may depend upon the type of occupancy but it surely indicates that the management has an attitude towards safety.

What is Safety Audit?

Safety management system identifies various hazards and risks present at the site and the safety studies are there identify measures to

categorize and minimize or eliminate the risks since it is difficult to eliminate the hazard but the risks can be. Safety audit is about going through those procedures and finding whether the safety system is on the right track.

Safety audit is not about finding the shortcomings in the system but to ensure that the existing loss prevention systems, safe work procedures and other work practices are in place and being followed.

Safety Audit is a tool used by the management to promote and ensure the safe work procedures are followed in the premises. Duties of safety officer have been defined under the state factory rules (as the Factories Act, 1948 says). Following are the important points mentioned in the Delhi Factory Rules which seem related to safety audits: -

• To advise on the maintenance of such records as are necessary relating to accidents, dangerous occurrences and industrial diseases

• To carry out plant safety inspection in order to observe the physical condition of work and the work practices and

procedures followed by workers and to render advice on measures to be adopted for removing the unsafe actions by worker

• To provide advice on matters related to carrying out plant safety inspection

Also, it is the duty of the safety committee to carry out health and safety surveys and to identify the causes of accidents as mentioned under the Delhi Factory Rules.

What are the types of Safety Audits?

Safety Audit may be either internal or external. Internal safety audit is carried out in-house while external safety audit is through an external source.

Safety audits are sometimes for certifications, sometimes for complying with the internal management guidelines and sometimes as a result of good management attitude.

Who Conducts Safety Audit?

Internal safety audits are conducted by either the safety committee members or safety representatives or the safety officer. The procedure followed generally is going through the records, matching their standard with the established targets and physical observations at the workplace.

External safety audit is conducted by external competent person. The person is generally an experienced person holding certificates for auditing from certifying agencies such as TUV. Procedure followed is almost the same, the only difference may be is that external auditor may point out something that internal team may miss out as routine procedure.

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