If College Friends Were Colleagues Tips For New Professionals

Companies hiring through campus recruitment courses are common scenes in prestigious colleges as a result of which those who were friends for long time become colleagues. Some argue that colleagues can’t be friends but if friends were colleagues would the friendship survive?

The experienced people are well aware of how to behave in an organization and what the corporate culture is but those who are new to this environment often don’t get a guide to tell them the job ethics and the benefits and limitations of working together. Friendship is important but not with colleagues.

The importance of friendship is sometimes overruled

by the ambition to get bigger. The urge to perform better is to attain better designation, better incentives and better position in the organization.
Other than friendship each individual has its own life, responsibilities and commitments. To fulfil those is not easy for those who are in job as they seldom get the expected salaries. When such is the case there arises a need to keep the friendship aside.

Since friends know each other very well, it is quite obvious that they know their strengths,

weaknesses and their personality and academic secrets as well. Though it may not be proved, people often have been found to reveal their friends’ secrets for their wellbeing.

Such problems are common and may happen with anyone irrespective of the performance level of the person. It is better not to mix business with friendship and when friends are colleagues it is better to beware than regret.

The best of friends may also turn their backs when it comes to careers. If the departments are different it is no problem but if the departments are same and to make the conditions worse if the designations are also same then there comes the problem.

The solution to this problem is not to discuss about other people with the friends in the same company. Another solution is keep business and friendship aside. Avoid joining a company where there is a friend in the same department with the same project or at the same designation.

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