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Recruitment is all about choosing the right candidate the required job. This is not an easy job on the HR manager’s part as there is large number of candidates willing to participate for the available positions or job vacancies. An HR manager or recruiter has to consider various things in order to recruit someone for their organisation. This may include: -

Recruitment - Job Analysis
The HR Manager has to understand the job profile properly before inviting the positions for the jobs. This is done in order to sort the people according to the basic requirements and expectations from the candidate

and his qualifications. This helps in not only the minimization of miscellaneous expenditures but also the appointment of the right candidate in the least required time.

Recruitment - Sourcing
Gone are the days when newspapers used to be the only resource of advertising the job opening or vacancy at the organization. Apart from the conventional style, nowadays there are various job portals and consultants that show interest in getting the job seekers recruited in the organization. This way it becomes easy for the job seekers and the employers as well.

Recruitment - Screening and Selection
The next step is to define a number of people required for the particular job. If the number of candidates for the job interviews exceeds the requirement, initial screening is

conducted to shortlist the candidates for further rounds where they are tested for their interpersonal and communication skills, technical expertise and other company’s set of required skills.

This may include group discussions, personal interviews, extempore speeches and miscellaneous objective type tests. If the candidates fulfil the desired expectations of the organization they are offered an employment and called for a final discussion often at the same time or a few days later. 

Recruitment - Lateral Hiring
This is about hiring a new employee who had previous experience of the same kind. This can be either from the same organization or from a new company. This doesn’t require much effort as the experience of the person tells it all.

Recruitment - On Boarding
While completing the joining formalities the employee (almost) is made aware of the company’s rules and regulations i.e. the company policies. Though not many care to read those as they are happy to enter new phase of their lives yet it is suggested that they must go through them once before making the final call. 


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