How To Use Numerology In Selecting A Partner Judging Number 2

Introduction to Numerology

Going along with someone, making partners and making decisions to be partners is not as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes there is ample time and space to think and get the partners right while sometimes the decision has to be taken spontaneously.

Decisions have to be made for entirely strange people who would soon be handling the business with hand in hands. Those critical decisions may easily be overruled by following a simple pathway i.e. the Numerology way.

Partner may be anyone; a friend in school/college project work, life partner, business partner, room partner, anyone who shares time

and money in proportions. Not only does it depend on the partners that the partnership will turn out to be fruitful but also on their characteristic behaviors. When talking of characteristic behaviors the discussion straightway converts into an astrological discussion while we restrict ourselves to numerology. For example if a number 2 driven person partners with a number 8 driven person it is very likely that the partnership will collapse. To understand this better, it is essential to know the basic terminology i.e. prime number, follower and the influencer. The terms may vary as per the authors’ likings but the definition remains the same most of the times.

Prime number is the one that is formed out of the sum of only the date from the entire date of birth for e.g. 21/1/1973 means the prime number is 21 or 2 + 1= 3.
Follower is the sum of the entire date of birth i.e. 2+1+1+1+9+7+3 = 24 or 2+4 = 6.
Influencer is the number that is present in none of those totals but its presence can be strongly felt in the date of birth for e.g. number 1 is clearly the influencer in the above mentioned date of birth. This means that the dictatorial qualities of number 3 shall be supported by administrative qualities of number 1 subsequently making a good leader (note: - the word leader doesn’t restrict to political leader).

Practically experienced facts indicate while analyzing a date of birth that influencer should be the first point of attraction, then the prime mover and lastly the follower. Be it the prime number or the influencer, a person clearly represents the characteristics of that respective number and is driven/influenced by those traits.

Identifying the personality type

Someone born on date 2, 11, 20, 29 of any month or otherwise, number 2 appears twice or more than twice, the person definitely reflects the characters of number 2. Thus a person born on 22nd of any month may also be considered as influenced or driven by number 2 even if the other numbers mark their presence.
Observations and study of behavior of these people brings out the traits of personality of these people. At first it is important to know ourselves then to analyze the others. 
Qualities of Number 2

Determined and aggressive to start the job; however it has been noticed that they leave the job in between shifting to some other job.
Whatever they do

they do with dedication.
They are sensitive to not so important issues. This is the reason why these people are not found as great business leaders except for a few.
Easily shift their interest
Lack consistency

Their area of interest is art. Be it dance, music, painting, acting they excel in all such fields.  
The only reason they do well in other fields is if they are given the desired importance. If not they would prefer an unrecognized status.

Creativity is their strength. They always try to do things their way. If they are given the importance they are looking for you may expect the unexpected.
Issues stick with them. Even if they are not they make issues be with them. They keep thinking over a long time even if a minor argument happened.

They are spiritual (whether they pretend or not). Their spirituality is often undisciplined but they feel themselves connected with God due to their strong devotion.
Fanatic if number 2 is the most influential number in the date of birth.

They feel the world is their follower. When this doesn’t happen they act irritated or prefer to live alone.
They admire every top position they look at (this is a weakness as well because of multiple aims with efforts in all directions ending at infinity).
They feel they were born to rule. When they don’t understand their interest or don’t get importance they live frustrated from inside. Some of the best dictators were influenced by number 2. Hitler (20/4/1889), Mussolini (29/7/1883). The presence of number 8 influenced them by adding struggle with their lives.

In the End
While we aware ourselves of the qualities or characteristics of a person it becomes relatively easier to judge an unknown person and to predict what his actions could be.
What most of the successful men/women have in them is that they develop the ability to read other’s behavior to act accordingly. Some learn this with experience, some already have it in them, while some choose the numerology way which is one of the most interesting techniques when it comes to analyzing behavior and the most impressive feature is that it hardly takes a minute for regular practitioners to understand the most of the person sitting in front of them. This article was restricted to discussion on number 2. Other discussions shall be carried out in the coming articles.


Article Written By archit

I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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