How To Prepare Attractive Resume/cv (for Professionals)

Proper attention to preparation of CV is as important for the professionals as for the fresher. While it is generally assumed that an experienced person doesn’t require the support of the resume and their interview is restricted to certain predictable questions doesn’t always hold true for the following reasons: -
1) Most of the job opportunities nowadays are either because of consultants or through direct approach by the companies (generally they do it by viewing the applications submitted with their websites). Both the sources of recruitment use CV i.e. curriculum vitae for the internal assessment before calling up with the

job seeker.
2) There are certain companies that stick to their standard procedures to shortlist candidates for particular positions. In fact most of the multinational companies do that. Again, all of this starts with CV.
Hence it becomes essential for even the experienced professionals to follow certain guidelines while submitting their resume to a particular company. There is no particular guideline or designed format for the preparation of resume or what we may call as a CV, so it is all up to the candidate how to make it more presentable.
While starting with the resume keep in mind to maintain the shortest length possible with all important information contained in the CV. It is a common misconception that professional has to have long CV.
If one has changed more than two organizations, it is not necessary to begin with the previous company. The company that relates the most with the sought company can
be mentioned first.
Define the job tenure with the roles and responsibilities. While defining the roles and responsibilities avoid those that you feel you didn’t do well. It may happen that just to increase a sentence you added the responsibility that some other person was handling and you were not that interested in but the other company finds another opportunity in you.
Mention only those things that you know and you are confident with. Professionals are hired because of their expertise and the expectations in their case are much higher with lesser support for learning.  
Don’t include a separate column for personal details (though you may have a different perception) at last. Reason for this being it covers a lot of space and they don’t add much value there. This information is important. Try to mention this information as the first letters on any side of the page.
Limit the personal information to name, address, phone number and email id. This is sufficient. As this is they would like to do if your CV impresses upon them. 
The job provider while looking for a job seeker uses certain roles and responsibilities when they call out open a position anywhere. Try to use those sentences if they match your roles. Those keywords may help in quick search while the consultants or the organization look out for the candidates. 

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How To Prepare Attractive Resume/cv (for Fresher)
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