How To Prepare Attractive Resume/cv (for Fresher)

The first step to approach any organization for job is through attractive curriculum vitae also known as resume. This is a platform where you can advertise yourself to the extent you want to. This is where the recruiters get the first impression hence this should be taken seriously.

CV (curriculum vitae) can be broadly divided into two categories i.e. professional and entry level or fresher. The discussion here is restricted to CV for fresher. Following are the guidelines to prepare it yourself: -

1) There is no defined format so you have liberty to make it as you want it. Start collecting

all the information that you want to include in your CV. Generally this includes academic records, extra activities, projects, personality traits etc.

2) When all the information is ready, you may think upon the length. Try to restrict the length to a single page.

3) Arrange the data in a manner that the person sitting opposite to you puts the questions as you want them to be. For e.g. if you insert more of the academics then it may happen that there are more academic questions in the interview.

4) Align the data. Put your

stronger areas in the first and the last place and the weaker areas in the middle. It is not that you have to hide your weakness but the presentation should be such that it doesn’t appear to be a weakness.

5) When mentioning strengths and weaknesses (if you want to include them) do that it such a manner that your weakness doesn’t appear to be only weakness but a side effect of strength. For e.g. if you are emotional it may be your weakness but an emotional person is sincere and puts his emotions in the work to come out with excellent results.

6) If you have an objective you may put it. Avoid copying others ‘objectives to your CV.

Remember, the resume of a fresher is the reflection of his personality.  Think deeply about yourself. What you have been through and what you achieved, lost since you were born. This may help you prepare an effective resume and a consequent success in the interview.

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