How To Organize A Meeting Effectively

Meetings are unavoidable in the professional world. The mutual sharing of opinions has gained so much importance that the skill to hold the meetings has become an indispensable part of successful professional life. 
There are instances when the technical skills alone don’t suffice. Then the leadership skills and other personal qualities come into play to control the flow of the discussion. Under mentioned are the techniques to conduct successful meetings.
Ensure that people take interest in the meeting and understand the importance of planning and discussion in successful implementation of jobs. Attendance issues may be escalated if only few people

show interest in attending the meeting. 
Start is the most important point. Don’t jump off to the target point at once. Let the people relax with some ice breakers. On a light note start the things off with achievements or good points. Don’t let every good point include in the presentation. Keep some of them in spare to use while pointing out the negative features. 
Begin with the meeting agenda. Discuss briefly the left over from the previous meeting. Overstressing on them may deteriorate the then meeting agenda; however don’t forget to remind those who have issues pending with them in a positive manner. 
Statistical representation of data suits better to
put the point. Target the shortcomings in the shortest possible manner to the members of the meeting. Everyone understands his roles and responsibilities. Meeting rooms are not the best places to enforce the things unless the person is not responding despite several reminders.
There must be some major issues. Put them at last or second last. As by then most of the people are out of stress and are in a mental state to accept the things. This is the best time to discuss the issues thoroughly.
Try to resolve majority of issues in the same meeting. Carrying out minor issues outside the room doesn’t put much credit instead a waste of time in the coming meeting. 
At the end of the meeting, it is advisable to take feedback and suggestions from the members.
The meeting shouldn’t end with this. The minutes of meeting should be distributed to concerned and is supposed to include the purpose of meeting, names of those who attended duration, previous pending issues, current issues, deadlines for issues, positives (may be included with appreciation) and the closed issues etc.

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