How To Manage Your Manager?

There are people that work hard for the day while at the end of the day when the manager calls them they find themselves in agony. Most of them hear the same words, ‘what did you do in those eight hours?’

While there are another set of people who do not work that hard but receive complements more often from their managers. Following are the key points collected from the behaviour of these two sets of people and suggestions to improve this most desired technique.

Be Sincere at Work

Not hard work but it is the sincere efforts that are required for any

assignment that you may be handling. Don’t try to bypass this basic expectation of any organization from you.

Show Your Efforts

It is not only about putting efforts but also about keeping your boss informed of what you had been doing. The boss is not The Almighty who knows everything without telling him. Tell him your achievements and your failures as well.

While informing failures start with your efforts that you had put in order to achieve that particular task. If you expect your manager to intervene or support to overcome the difficulties then tell him without wasting further time.

Avoid Arguments

It may happen that the manager does not pay attention to what you did and is constantly against you. Don’t argue or raise your voice at this point of time. Listen to what he wants to convey patiently and talk back to him when he is in a different mood.

There have been instances when the sincere most people left the organization or didn’t get the desired promotions and incentives because they had arguments with their bosses.

Learn to Say No

Don’t accept any work. Get choosy

in accepting the assignments. There are works that require a lot of labour but in terms of value it earns nothing. Try to avoid those. Sincerity doesn’t mean accepting all rubbish.

Even if your boss insists doing such jobs try to explain why those works are of no use or less use. Such discussion initiated from your end would enable your boss to think that you work with the eyes open and are able to think. If still he is insistent upon then do the job.

Learn those things that your boss/manager does best

Try to participate with the boss. Assist him. Do this to an extent that your personal time does not get effected. This is helpful as this increases the manager’s dependency upon that particular subordinate. Once he starts to rely upon you, the good days are not far away.

And finally a technique not used by many but as effective as others are.

Use Numerology

Try to learn basics of numerology. This is very easy and helpful to know how the person behaves and his likes and dislikes. Once you know what kind of a person he is it is always better to strategize. For example, majority of times those influenced by 5 i.e. 14, 23 and 5 demand quality work and sincerity.  


Article Written By archit

I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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