How To Manage Contractor Works For Safety

At times there arises need for the introduction of people through outsourcing. These people provide services that either the company doesn’t have with in or for other management reasons for e.g. to control the on role workforce. With this there comes a situation where there are several people that are unaware of the company safety policies and safe work procedures. For e.g. if in a company there is a rule to fill the work permit for heavy material lifting and the outsourced supervisors/labours are unaware, this may not only lead to violation of the policies but also to severe circumstances.

/> Following are the ways to monitor the contractor work management for safety: - 
Notification to the Safety Department
Whenever new contractor works are to be introduced in the premises, the safety department/safety office may be notified. This would help in two ways, firstly by supporting the change management system (if any) of the organization by informing what works are going to start in the factory and secondly by allowing the safety department to plan what kind of measures to take for those works.
Safety induction
The management may not necessarily be aware of the quality of the procedures followed by a third party. Also, it is necessary that they know the safety procedures that need to be complied with. Safety induction or a safety training program may be made mandatory to ensure that everyone working in the premises is fully aware of the
company’s requirements.
This training program may be followed with a safety quiz or a test paper or some other procedure to evaluate the learning. This training shall be periodically repeated to keep refreshing the labours’ minds for safety. For more about safety induction please refer the following link
Personal Protective Equipment
If feasible with the company’s budget the control of PPE may be managed by the company itself. This is important in order to ensure that only good quality PPE are being used by the labour. If not, then routine feedbacks may be collected from the field on the quality of PPE issued by their supervisors/contractors.
Safety Meetings
Safety meeting with the supervisors and their representatives may be held on scheduled basis for the successful implementation of safety procedure among the outsourced employees.  
Work Permit System
An effective way to monitor the day to day activities of the contractor is to implement a work permit system. Contractor safety representative and the supervisor may be held accountable for any unsafe act or condition in the premises.
The basic rule is to raise the standard of awareness to highest level to eliminated unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

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