How To Make Good Relations With Reporting Manager (boss)? Hard Work Vs. Smart Work

Do you have good relationship with your reporting manager (boss)? Is your boss annoyed with you? How to impress the boss? What do you do to impress the boss? There might be many other questions that different people in the corporate world answer differently. Earlier the answer used to be, “Hard work”. These days the scenario is changing. Now if you ask how to impress the manager, not all of them would reply hard work.

Take the things from the beginning. When you meet the boss for the first time, how do you keep your gesture and posture? This is the

very first thing that could have a deep impact on solid relationship building.

For example you have to be polite but if you are extra polite it would look unreal. This is a dangerous situation. Unreal is not as comfortable as real. Try to behave as normal as you do at home. To respect is not to be over polite.

Do not pretend as if you are afraid of your boss indeed make sure that he knows you respect him. Now,

how can make him know that you respect him? Simple, don’t utter a word against him in public. Don’t accuse him behind his back. If you have any issues discuss with him in private. Your boss would appreciate this for sure.

Try to be protective not offensive. Your boss also needs protection. This might seem a bit odd when I say this but there are situations when everyone is accusing him of some decision and he fell short of words. You may give your voice to him and this would be a great support for him. But be careful while choosing your words.

Lastly, prove him that you are of importance to him and he would care for you. Boss is another human being only not a heavenly body. Treat him like every other human being with respect and I am sure your boss would also like to manage good relations with you.


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