How To Know Your Areas Of Interest

To know the areas of interest is not limited to adding just another column in the CV (curriculum vitae) but also required for making career oriented decisions. The irony is most of us relying upon others to tell us our areas of interest spend lives without even knowing them.
Areas of interest are most required when the students have to choose their career option. Parents are liberal nowadays so they leave the decision upon their children whatever way to go. With confused mind the students never realizes the right path and follows what the others do.
Once completed the studies,

the graduate seeks a job opportunity and joins the first job out of excitement to earn first money. After few years some realize life is not going fast, some feel they are not in the right job, some feel they should start something of their own etc.
These two stages are the grandest stages when the realization of areas of interest is important. As it has been proved that a person performs the best when he works with interest. Consider the following example: -
John was never interested in engineering but chose it as a career option because there were better job prospects. When he moved into the factory he could meet the satisfactory level of performance. He was an absolute failure. Later that year he got a call from a safety training company and he
was all success. He turned out to become the best performer and soon seemed to be aspiring new heights.
The success is not just because of the change of job. To discover more the case needs to be dug deeper. John had always been a fine orator. He always excelled on stage and was famous in school for the same thing. He anchored, read poetry, acted and when on stage tried to do the best that he could.
Further analysis brings out that though John could not perform better in the factory but when he used to conduct training programs, put the presentations and organized meetings he could put his best efforts. He was ready to work for that anytime however when called otherwise he felt irritated.
Hence to know the areas of interest it is advisable to study the growth of life first. Try to recall the major events of your life and how you progressed through your life. Try to write them on paper.
There might have been some areas where you constantly performed. In those areas time didn’t matter and you put everything aside for the completion of the task. There definitely would be more than one areas where you found yourself most comfortable. Those areas are your areas of interest and where you should carry yourself. 


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