How To Implement Safety At Workplace – A Short Guide

A safety officer and production officer once had a discussion. The production officer said, “It is because of our efforts that you get the salaries”, to which the safety officer replied, “It is because of our efforts that you stay safe and are able to put efforts”. To ensure safety at workplace the dedication of the safety officer and the management commitment are the foremost requirements. If both are there, here is how the safety officer can implement safety at workplace: -  

1) Identify the Occupancy
The occupancies have been divided into light hazard, moderate hazard and high hazard by local

authorities. Identify what is the occupancy type that you work for. This is particularly for fire.

2) List out the activities
It happens sometimes that even the light hazard occupancies have hazardous activities carried out in their premises.  List down every activity as hazard could be everywhere.

3) Identify the hazards
Identify the hazards at workplace. For example work at height, hot work, confined space etc. Don’t miss anything as minor. Being a safety officer everything has to be thought from a different

perspective. For example bush fire though not very common in India.  

4) Categorize the hazards
Categorization of hazards may be done as per the safety officer’s strategy. Commonly fire hazards, environmental hazards and health and safety hazards may be categorized.

For example moving parts, handling of toxic gases is a health concern while storage and handling of flammable liquids is a fire safety concern.

5) Identify the hazard control measures
Once the hazards have been identified take the control measures. Focus more on preventive measures than protective. Set up requirements for prevention of incidents such as machine guarding, work permit system, walkways, convex mirrors for road safety etc.

6) Make written procedures for safety
Everything that you plan, confirm that it is approved from the factory head or factory manager. Procedures in written such as SOP are useful to stress upon even if the factory manager changes.

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