How To Improve Communication Skills - Problems And Solutions (part 2)

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Use expressions. They do better than the words. Your face should reflect the energy in your words. Sometimes it is better to limit yourself on words particularly when you lead the discussion. Use the best words, try being courteous with the others who want to speak thus they would allow you to speak.

Listen to the older people, the experienced ones and those who know more than you. Try to learn something new every day. The more you listen the more you would be able to speak. Make a habit of listening to everything without being

aggressive. There are instances when the people oppose you, don’t avoid them at this time. In fact this could be the best time to get them by your side.

Listen patiently if someone complaints, listen if someone explains, use your organs such as eyes, head, hands in conjunction with what is being said. Avoid speaking in between. Keep your points out of the matter and discuss when he finishes off.

Try to speak in a soft and friendly voice always. This will develop gradually. If you have to raise the voice sometimes do it with words of honour.

Don’t use the

words that are not in general use. The people who made history never used heavy vocabulary. They always used sentences, phrases and words that were simple & easy to understand.
Avoid commenting on personal lives either in public or in private. Though long and interesting discussions can be started upon yet avoid this as the results are not always good.

The final suggestion is to read more. The more you read the more you will be able to add. Try to convey your message via examples. Please refer the article on how to make lectures interesting.

It has been experienced that complex issues can be settled down by using simple examples.
So forget what the others say, read more, constantly keep improving and developing to attain a higher level. To read part 1 please follow the link below: -


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