How To Conduct Safety Meetings

Safety committee meetings are not only the requirement under the factories act, 1948 but also essential towards implementation of safety measures in the premises. There is no limitation to safety meetings as they can be discussed during the daily production meetings, during daily project work discussions and of course the safety committee meetings.

To conduct an effective safety meeting the following are required to be considered: -

Define the Requirements

Each organization has certain focus points or key areas that it puts the primary focus upon and rest are taken side by side. Define those key areas and specific requirements to take the

way forward. It is worthless to drift the main topic with the meeting all ruined in unending discussions.

Define the Schedule

Once the focus is clear, set the schedule of the meeting and ensure the desired message is conveyed through the meeting. Schedules may be different for different meetings for e.g. safety committee meeting is required to be held at a minimum of 4 times a year as per the Factories Act, 1948 however the other meetings may be scheduled as per our requirement. 

Select the Members

Select the members for the safety meeting as per the agenda. For example safety committee meeting requires safety officer/manager, representatives from different departments and representatives of workers. If possible the head of the factory may also join. While if it is a project meeting it is desired that the concerned engineers and the contractors mark their presence.

Initiate escalation

Ensure that the attendance issues are escalated if the members do not attend. It happens commonly that the department representatives skip the

meetings which results in a loss to the safety department in terms of efficiency. If possible include the head of the departments as well randomly/regularly.

Involve representatives of workers

Workers face the real issues hence the involvement of their representative is also important. At times there are issues such as the departments due to their targets tried to skip the safety rules while the workers don’t want to do so. Such cases are easily resolved during safety meetings which would otherwise remain unnoticed. The relevant issues may be sorted out with the help of the concerned departments.

Distribute minutes of meeting

After the completion of the meeting distribute the minutes of meeting as quick as possible. The minutes of meeting may include the responsibilities and deadlines to resolve issues assigned to different departments (remember not to carry all on your shoulders), presence of those who joined, points discussed and agenda of the meeting.  

Ensure the compliance and follow up

Once the meeting minutes have been distributed ensure the follow up for the completion of the issues. If pending take them forward to the other meeting. Set up an escalation level and escalate the long pending issues.

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