How To Conduct Safety Induction

Several safety managers/HR managers use safety induction program as a tool for contractor safety management. The number of organizations that have made this mandatory to work for a contractor in their premises is increasing day by day but how to implement it and what to include in a safety induction needs a prior brainstorming.
There are different types of occupancies each with different hazards and different style of work. The first step would be to analyse the major activities in your premises that may pose hazard but there are still some common features that every plant does have, for example

electrical installations and electric work and alterations/modifications to the system. 
Once the hazardous activities have been identified the activities may be shortlisted for inclusion in the safety induction. For example while the safety officer at construction site may include working at height, excavation work, hot work, electrical safety, personal protective equipment etc. in his training, a plant safety officer may typically include machine guarding, lock out tag out, electrical safety, road safety, personal protective equipment etc. in his area.
Information on work permits
shall also be provided to the contractor labours as well as the supervisors so as to minimize the chances of the violation of this rule. For information on work permits please follow the link below
If possible arrange for some videos explaining the importance of safety in respective fields. This could help them understand the topic in a better manner.
Include more and more examples of unsafe acts and previous accidents. It may also be informed that what corrective steps were taken at when such events occurred.
Include statistics for different types of activities in the presentation. It is important to make them aware that safety induction is not just a waste of time but the first step towards the accident prevention. 
Consider evaluation of the induction. Most of them would try to recall what they learned while some of them would try to copy but in the end somehow they would discuss with each other and safety would get into their minds.

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