How To Conduct Incident Investigation?

The word accident is not used by many nowadays as most of them call it an incident. When an incident happens inside a factory it is not only the safety officer that is under pressure but the production manager, shift officer and the supervisor also get involved about what happened. They collectively require conducting the incident investigation and providing the best assurance that it doesn’t repeat in future. Here’s how it may be done: -

Prepare a format for the actions and the categorizations that you feel it may be in. This helps to solve the problem in a step by

step manner even if the safety officer or safety coordinator is absent. Keep the format simple and easy to understand.

Categorize the type of incidents to keep a record of what accidents happen mostly in the premises and which one of those is repetitive in nature. General categorization includes near miss, first aid injury, lost time incident and fatality.

If there is an incident make sure it is attended in time. Keep place for the alternatives if someone from safety department is not there. Plant safety coordinator is always a better option

as it always remains in the plant and knows the plant better.

Gather the available witness and if possible try to collect information from those who suffered. The witness may tell their story but it is you who has to make a conclusion. Ask more questions, go in depth, note down everything. Don’t forget to take the camera along if it is not a highly flammable area.

Try to figure out the real cause of incident and take corrective actions for the incident. If the real cause is identified, it is easier to balance between the corrective and preventive actions. Corrective action is momentary while preventive action prevents the incident from happening in future.

Discuss the incident during the safety induction and the safety committee meetings. The more it is discussed, the more people will get aware of it and the lesser will be the chances of unsafe acts.

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