How To Begin With Palmistry

A good palmist gets to know an overview of every person by merely looking at the other person’s hand without even letting him know. Palmistry is one of the most practical and easy to implement method of interpretation. Before getting along there are some basic rules to excel in accurate predictions.
The first rule before starting any astrological study is ‘’Forget about yourself’”. This rule holds true for a very simple reason that if the student compares the events of his life in every example it is safely assumed that it would end up in limiting themselves to certain extent

which is ultimately a loss to this science. Since palm is always a ready reference justice can be done only when it is not looked into while studying for comparison but for basic understanding i.e. the position of the lines etc. 
This rule particularly applies to those who are planning a professional interest in this field. For those having other interests or those who want to get a brief idea of the subject often want to go through fast which may result in misconception about the subject.
With that being said, the second rule is, ‘’Forget who the second person is’’. This is said because the predictions may be regarding both fortune and misfortune. If the second person is the brother of the palmist it is not necessary that misfortune won’t come to him. 
The third rule has an interesting story of a man named Victor. Victor was a person with conical hand with his head line reaching the mount of moon. The hand was medium sized, neither rigid nor soft and the palm was pink in colour. Same was the behaviour of Victor. He always shifted his interests and this happened when he was impressed by others. He took palmistry as his line of interest one day when he read about Cheiro. He bought some books to start the preliminary
study. He didn’t read the preface but directly jumped to the lines section. The shape of the hands, fingers, thumb and the other starting chapters appeared as boring to him. The lines were interesting as they appeared to be directly applicable. Victor learnt some rules but got all wrong in turn losing his interest in palmistry.
So the rule hidden here is ‘’Be Patient’’ and start from the beginning. Unless and until the basic rules are not understood, the study is in vain. The study of palm is the combination of the study of lines and the study of hand.
The fourth rule, ‘’Look for at least two to three symptoms” in the hand before predicting anything. Single sign may not be sufficient to hold the prediction true. It has been observed during interpretations that there are always more than two signs for something that is definite. For the rest it may be said as probable.
The fifth rule is, “Make your own rules”. Don’t rely on books alone to find out the results. Books can be referred to in the initial stages but with time and experience you will notice some differences in opinion. Applying own experience is the key to become a great palmist. Continuous research brushes the brain which in turn yields unexpected results.
The final rule is “Remember these rules”. It may appear lengthy on the first instance but when it will develop as a habit the things accelerate. Try to keep the client busy in some healthy conversations so that you get ample time to interpret while the client won’t feel restless.          

Article Written By archit

I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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