How To Beat Depression (part 3 Concluding Part)

Following steps may be followed to get rid of depression: -

• Root cause analysis
Analyse the root cause of depression. Keep digging until you arrive at the final conclusion about the real cause creating the disturbance. The cause may not be big enough to have created havoc but there would certainly be other factors contributing the hazard.

• Evaluate the reason for that cause
Take time to know why that cause was of such a great concern that turned your mind depressed. Majority of times the reasons for that cause are just because of our stiff mind-sets.

Root cause in Robin’s case

(please read part 2 for Robin’s case he was a dedicated professional and devoted all his energy during the office hours and in turn expected a relieving on time. He found himself disturbed when he was forced to stay beyond the working hours.

When Robin started staying late by himself his manager was happy (as his ego was satisfied that his subordinates were under his control). The relations started building up between Robin and his boss and soon Robin found a way how to get home early.

• Contributing factors

There are certain contributing factors that we usually misunderstand with the root cause. When Robin discussed his manager’s behaviour and his problems with his friends and family they suggested indulgence in some other activities after office hours rather than staying alone at home.

They found his loneliness as the root cause of all his problems.

Robin had not to think upon that much as he got married soon. The problem reduced to some extent but depression was not all gone. In fact it was reduced such that he could forget it for time being only.  To keep the article short only main features are discussed, however there could be several other factors that contribute to worsen the situation.

Suggestions to

get rid of depression: -

The measures to get rid of depression may seem simple but if done regularly may help you get out of it.

• Avoid sad music/sad movies/negative thoughts
When depressed the person likes all sort of sad music, solitude, sad poems and sad discussions.  Though it feels that they relax the nerves it is suggested to avoid them at this time as this fills all the negative energy into your mind. Instead follow the steps mentioned below: -

• Indulgence in other activities
Participate in activities that you enjoyed such as cooking, writing, swimming, reading, dancing etc. Don’t make a timetable for these this would again allow you to put restrictions.  

• Motivate yourself
Don’t just read the sad versions of poetry or sad stories, instead read self-help books; you may also watch videos on self-improvement or self-motivation. Don’t stop after reading a book or watching a video but try to follow what they said. Read/watch them more than once.

• Share with family or friends

Seek suggestions from your family and friends. Share the problem for your improvement or for solution not to accuse anybody in particular.  

• Concentration
Try to concentrate before sleeping. To read more about concentration please read our article on how to get rid of insomnia by clicking the link below.


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