How To Beat Depression (part 1)

How to get rid of depression? To fight depression it is important to know what is depression. If the basic is understood it becomes easier to solve complicated issues. Depression can be divided into two categories i.e. momentary depression and continuous depression.

Momentary depression is when the person before you is constantly feeding negative opinions about something you want or when you see or read something negative that endorses in your mind the negative opinion which ends with your putting down what you could have put efforts into.

This can also be termed as instantaneous depression. An example of momentary or instantaneous

depression may be as mentioned under: -

John cleared the second round of the interview to go for the final round in Mumbai. He was one of the four who made it to this level. A month later when they met in Mumbai there was another man named Bobby who was there for the interview from some other location.

Four of them were overjoyed until Bobby spoke up, ‘only one of us would return successful today’. All eyes were on Bobby then as they had been informed that the final round is just a meeting with the department head and the final selection

were almost certain.

Bobby continued, ‘’I have heard of this company, they call the people here and don’t select them. Only one or two celebrate while the others return home empty handed’’.

From 10 am till 3 pm Bobby evoked negative comments towards that organization’s recruitment pattern. Despite John’s objection a couple of times Bobby continued to put his views. At 3 pm John was called in the room.

John was all motivated when he started from home but now when he was called his heart started pounding. Bobby’s comments were echoing in his ears. Result, as expected. Poor John could not make it this time. The interviewer got that he was nervous. They suggested John to have a glass of water to continue.

Everything went wrong inside the room and John came out in an aggressive mood to blast his failure on Bobby.
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