Hot Work Fire Safety Requirements, Hazards & Control Measures

Hot work is any work that is capable of producing heat to such an extent that it may cause fire in the presence of combustible material. Hot works typically include welding, cutting, grinding, soldering, brazing and other similar operations where heat is generated. Hot works are often required for alteration, modification, maintenance etc. Other reason is when the occupier plans to expand his business capacities. Hot work is one of the foremost reasons that expose light hazard occupancy to fire. Following are the hot work risk management tips: -

Unless there are no alternatives try to avoid the hot work. If

it has to be done, try doing it away from the production and storage areas.

Define a place specifically for hot works where there are least combustibles and no production or storages nearby.

Define ‘No Hot Work Area’ for example storage of explosives, flammable liquids or gases etc. Under no circumstances hot works shall be permitted in these areas. If in case there is a maintenance job, ensure there are written procedures such as proper purging, lock out tag out procedures, fire watch etc.

Implement the work permit

system for initiating hot work. Work permit may typically include the equipment condition, fire watch, authorization of the job, duration and exact place where the job would be carried out.

Ensure that there are no combustibles under the area where welding is carried out and there is proper barricading of the area where welding is carried out at height. If the combustibles can’t be barricaded ensure they are covered with approved fire blankets or sheets.

Ensure that trained personnel are on the job and they work under supervision of the initiator. Availability of the fire extinguisher with a person trained in basic firefighting is also needs to be ensured.

After the completion of the hot work, it is important to ascertain that there are no signs of combustion at the end of the job and everything is the same as it was before starting the job.

Avoid hot work after sunset.

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