Hollywood’s Top 10 Must Watch Romantic Movies

The Bounty Hunter
Story of a divorced couple who are in different and opposite professions i.e. Hero is a Bounty Hunter while the actress is a journalist. While in the mid of the case both of them again develop attraction towards each other. 

The backup plan
The story revolves around a girl obsessed with her age clock ticking as she does not have any boyfriend or any such chances in near future. She conceives herself by artificial insemination so that she could finally have a child without knowing its father.
When she inseminated she meets the true love of her life.

The rest is all about how she would deal with the situation and tell her true love about her then present condition.  

Sex and the city
Almost everyone has heard of Sex and the City, the popular TV series. This movie is based on the after story of the show i.e. how Carrie and Mr Big decided to marry, how their wedding plan goes, how all her friends participate in this marriage and most importantly how their lives take turn after the marriage.

Pretty women
It is the story of a super handsome rich guy and a smart and sassy hooker and their relationship. This is a wonderful movie that shows how a sexual relationship turns into true love. 

Letter to Juliet
A American woman when finds an unopened ‘Letter to Juliet’ , in order to find the source,  travels to Italy where she finds a group of women who call themselves as secretaries  of Juliet. The Secretaries told her that they provided counselling to those who write their problems to Juliet.

Leap Year
In this movie a girl goes to Dublin to find her

boyfriend so that she could be proposed on the leap year day. She finds difficulties in reaching Dublin where another man comes to help her. Later the girl discovers love for him. 

She’s Out of My League
A boy who is a loser on every aspect gets a girlfriend desired by many. The boy is not able to believe that the girl would ever love him since he is not of her kind. In this process he makes some mistakes. Rest lies in the movie. 

Love and the Other Drugs
The story is based on previous age when the medicines were not in so much fashion and there were not much of medical representatives as well. This love story revolves around a medical representative of that time and a girl suffering from Parkinson disease. 

Based on a historical tragic event where a ship named Titanic drowns. The story displays different classes of society and focuses on the love between an upper high class girl already engaged to someone and a lower class boy. This Oscar winner movie is a must watch for Leonardo and Kate’s relationship on this ship.  

Notting Hills
A famous actress, a bookstore owner and their love story are the major focus of the movie. The story starts when the famous actress hides a small bookstore to escape from a journalist. 

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