Is Hindi A Third Language In India? Does Hindi Get The Respect As National Language?

Do you know someone who doesn’t know Hindi? Can you name an area where people don’t know Hindi? Is Hindi well used or well known in all the parts of the country? How many of Indians can speak Hindi? How many Indians can actually understand Hindi? How many can write Hindi? What is the National Language of India?

I am sure everyone can answer these questions. When I was in Maharashtra for an audit, I asked the security guard something and he in turn asked the manager (standing with us) to translate in Marathi so that he could answer the question.

Have we given enough to Hindi as our national language?

When I was in a village in Punjab, there were many who could not understand Hindi or could not speak in Hindi. On several training programs there people responded in the feedback forms to provide local language trainer. Has Hindi been so disrespected by us that people even don’t understand Hindi?

Local languages are important and indeed local language is the pride that denotes the unity in diversity but shouldn’t there be a language that

unites the people. These days English has been doing the job but the problem is that even English is not there in the remotest areas.

Whatever the national language be but it should be known to people. Everyone should respect and be able to at least read and speak the language. Language is for communication. National language is for national communication and international language for international communication.

If the matter is not conveyed then what is the importance of a national language. Hindi is our national language but in most of the remote and non remote parts of the country, there are many who are not aware of how Hindi is like. Every language has its history and quality but that is restricted to a certain region. Be it any language but if it is known to a nation then the nation can speak.

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