Harihareshwar Temple And Beach – Places Of Tourist Attraction In Maharashtra

While Harihareshwar has its historic and mythological importance, it is also one of the most beautiful and unexplored beaches of Maharashtra, India. What makes it special is the route to Harihareshwar. It is very much like going on Teerth Yatra. 

The beach in Harihareshwar has least people and one can enjoy the solitude and the nostalgia of divine experience with the sea water as it keeps coming and going. Those who love unexplored tourist destinations, Harihareshwar probably is the best tourist place to choose. 

Beware while playing with water at Harihareshwar beach as the local people say that the sand is loose

and has claimed lives of those who got careless. May be they were true. Safety is always in the benefit of anyone.

There are big stones on one side where the lovely collision the water and stones can be witnessed. The Harihareshwar temple is just on the beach. One can witness the sea while sitting in the temple premises. On both the sides there are small hills which make the scene even more beautiful.

Unlike other famous temple, one can feel the God here for as

long as he wants to. There is least crowd as on date however the growing popularity of Harihareshwar indicates there might be a time soon when people would approach Harihareshwar like all other famous tourist spots and religious places.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of sunset at the beach of Harihareshwar. The clear blue water no more remains blue at sunset. It is a beautiful moment and the time passes so fast that you may feel like clicking more photographs.

Nearest railway station is Mangaon from where people have to go to Srivardhan or there are buses direct to Harihareshwar too. Srivardhan is also a destination with good beaches.

It is around four hour journey from Mumbai. People travel their by their own vehicles as well as by public transport such as buses and trains. An Innova (ac) can be hired for somewhat around Rs. 6000 for a day. The nearest airports are Pune, Mumbai and Goa.


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