Is Going To Office Party A Waste Of Time Organizational Behaviour

Organizations often organize parties to motivate employees. Organizations constantly work upon employee motivation strategies but do the employees really get motivated. What about those who don’t drink? More importantly is it necessary to join office parties for a successful career? The answer is typical and depends on certain parameters. 

To party generally means a gathering of more than two people drinking (alcohol) and enjoying food at private or public location. Organizations do it to represent their concern for the employees and to encourage their hard work. The employees find it a place where they could get informal with their bosses to

mark an impression.

It is assumed or believed that partying together helps improve relationships. This is why parties are organized after audits however the name goes for the hard work that was put in during the audit. Practical experience shows there is nothing much that can be achieved from going to office parties unless the party is on very large level.

If the party includes delegates from other offices then it could help to certain extent but then it depends upon the talent of the individual how to leave an everlasting impression upon the person that he wanted to

impress. The other thing is if the person is so talented than does he really needs to go to a party.

The conclusion here is if a person doesn’t like alcohols or if he is an introvert, there is no point in joining office parties. They won’t help. An alcoholic may enjoy as he is getting a place to drink and enjoy with his likes while an extrovert may enjoy wherever he goes.

An introvert would certainly get bored. Even if tries to make an impression, the things may go the other side as he has not that much of skills that the others possess. Environment at office parties is different than generally observed at the parties.

Good words won’t do much good unless you excel in performance but one bad word out of fun may spoil the remaining duration at that job. Those who know how to impress their manager (boss) will do it anywhere. An informal event is not required for them to do this.


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