Fire Engineering Nature, Scope & Career Opportunities

Fire engineering is one of the fastest growing career oriented courses with lots of job opportunities. Most of the colleges that offer this course in India do not demand high percentage in academics but sincere approach towards learning the course and physical fitness. This is probably the reason why it is not that difficult to get an admission here as it is with other courses. 

When Johnny opted for fire engineering his friends were making fun of him. They believed that Johnny would simply end up being a fire-fighter with the public fire brigade however by the completion of the course

Johnny proved them all wrong when he was hired by an audit firm. As an auditor Johnny had more or equal respect and money that his friends had.

The most important feature in the above example was that while his friends had to struggle, prepare hard and face tough competition to get their jobs, Johnny had almost no competition. Wherever he went there was a requirement the only discussion was job location and salary structure. A fire engineering students has to know how the fire would behave in different situations, the classes of fire and the extinguishing media.

In this process fire safety engineer should know the subjects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and a bit of electronics engineering. For example the explosion hazards of a furnace or boiler can’t be recognized until the basics of

furnace are not understood. Similarly the chemical fire hazards can’t be controlled if the properties of chemicals such as flash point, vapour density, vapour pressure etc. are not known.

Fire Engineers may seek careers with almost all kinds of occupancies including five star or luxury hotels, shopping malls and multiplexes, oil and gas industry, steel plants, explosives manufacturing unit, textile industry, camphor manufacturing, etc. It depends on the quantum of the risk that the fire engineers are deployed.

The disadvantage of this course is that fire engineers seldom become the factory managers. Their growth is restricted to a particular level. With ease of getting the job, there is a great responsibility to save the lives of others as well as their own. Several fire-fighters sacrifice their lives fighting fires. Fire engineers not necessarily fight the fire but have to take decision in the emergency situations.

Other careers that fire engineer may choose are fire design engineer, consultant, fire trainer, fire surveyor/investigator.  These all come with the option of freelancing. For example a fire engineer may become the national head of fire department but a fire consultant may become the best consultant in the world and may implement his conditions to work which is generally not possible while serving others. 

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