First Day On The Job - Organizational Behaviour

Expectations from the job are the highest amongst the college graduates and the newly joined professionals. Those who have undergone professional courses from the best institutes desire better salaries and facilities at their workplace. But reality is not always the same. Here is what happened with Gopal when he joined the job for the first time. General routine outdated. He woke up too early to sleep as his mind was wondering how the first day in the job would be. He dreamt all night of people wearing formals, polished shoes, everyone conversing in English and a well maintained office with

a cabin for everyone (at least for him).
With all these thoughts continuously running through his mind he reached the office in the finest mood. In fact his mood was so bright that he could never realize the evils before he met with the HR Manager. The first question that he put before her was, “Where is my cabin?”
To which she chuckled, “No one has a cabin here. Not even the Head of the Department. At present we are short of workstations so we would request you to share a place with someone by the time we sort the things out”.
For the first time, he didn’t want to understand a clear statement. He tried to confirm with disappointment and slight aggression, “Means we don’t have a place here”.
The HR Manager nodded. “That person in blue shirt is your department manager; you may get additional information from him.”
The distance was hardly ten meters but even that looked like a challenge at that moment. He could count the evils now. Things were worse than he had ever imagined. A workstation usually meant for one, had minimum two employees seriously working with no guarantee of replacement if they pick their laptop for 2 minutes. Everyone was shouting most of them were aggressive during normal conversation. Suddenly he could realize he was in Delhi, one of the most sought after destinations in India.
He complained to his boss against the promises made at the time of campus interview to which
his boss calmly replied, “Did they force you to join this company? It was your decision to join the company and now when you have made a decision why are you backing up from a challenge put in front of you”. With no options in hand he made his mind to mold himself according to the environment.
Recently passed out of college, Gopal had never experienced a corporate environment before. It was not that Gopal had never witnessed an industry from inside but that was to an extent limited as neither the industry people entertain one month trainees nor do the trainees bother, but for the certificate which in the end is in their hands without much trouble. But while entering the work culture, things change sometimes slightly, sometimes drastically. It is up to us to combat the situation and emerge as a winner.

Finding reasons for the abnormalities (what we feel abnormal is most of the times absolutely normal) is the best way to handle the situation. Analyze Gopal’s difficulties once again: -
The company was only 2 years old and was growing aggressively. With regular recruitments the offices were soon short of space leaving even the managers in an odd situation.
Aggressive approach from the top management made the middle management and junior management aggressive.
Everyone was bound with targets so there was always a noisy environment.

Querulous, annoyed, impatient; Gopal witnessed every negative trait in his personality but despite the odds he maintained to work for that company. He never let the evil come out of him neither did he switch the job. After 6 months the company hired a new office with separate workstations for different designations. Everyone had a place now. Gopal was more than happy as this place was at walking distance from his room.

Eternally strong people usually make it to top. If not to the top at least they are satisfied with their achievements.

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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