Essay Writing How To Write In Effective Manner?

The need to write essays was the most in schools as it was a part of examination paper. The student had to write an essay as it contained the major portion of marks contained in one question paper. After schools it was individual choice to participate in essay writing competitions (if any of them were happened). One particular condition that was in all kinds of essays was the number of words.

Our teacher often used to say that the best essay is the one that contains maximum substance in the minimum words. There is no need to exaggerate a topic just

because it could not complete a condition of thousand words. This condition is just to ensure that the writer does not escape from writing.

While writing essay, make sure you have enough knowledge of the topic. Choose the best option to write upon. There are instance when none of the options suits then it is better to recall some of the phrases or short stories related to the topic and adjust the essay accordingly. Remember you have to stick on the topic.

Any deviation would cost you the marks or the prize if in a competition.

Make a habit of collecting quotations. These are of great help in writing essays. The great people have done well to leave some messages in the form of quotations. These messages are best utilized in the essays. If the topic is not negative try to be positive. Sometimes being negative works if you have enough evidences to prove your point.

Read more. Read as much as you can on the current affairs and listen to the debates that most of the news channels organize. Those debates bring out lots of substance that you may put in your essays. Do not watch news to criticize others but learn how well the others are prepared on general affairs.

In the end, even if you fall short of words, don’t worry. The quality matters, not the number of words. Sometimes the shortest essays steal the show while biggest of them do nothing. 

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