Employee Motivation Strategies (part2)

Apart from providing increment and other incentives there might be other areas that the organization may look upon for raising the motivation level of its employees. 

Facility motivation: - 
Many employees when they leave the organization; for one or the other reason often discuss about the facilities provided to them by their previous organization. While some praise their current organization, some feel disheartened as to why they lost that company. 
It has been experienced that the employees have returned to the previous organizations on the same amount for the facilities that were provided to them. Some of the general facilities

include: - 
Transport facilities 
Transport is not just limited to employee pick and drop but the class of travel offered to them for official tours. John worked in an organization that had stringent travel policies. He had to suffer often during official trips. He changed the company and moved to another one. This company was liberal. The policy there was if the reservations were not available in the lower class opting for a higher one or take a flight. 
Results were as expected. John declined other job opportunities that he was offered to due to the facilities that he was getting. 
If the canteen has an interesting menu it keeps the workplace interesting. Moreover a well maintained canteen often acts better than the boring meeting rooms. Most of the issues settle better over a cup of tea/coffee in the canteen. 
It is not feasible for all however certain organizations provide accommodation. Some construction companies and manufacturing units located in remote areas offer accommodation. 
Modes of Entertainment
There may be a place for employees to refresh themselves from their exhaustive schedule. Table tennis, carom, badminton court etc. may help the employees regroup themselves
thus coming back full of energy.  

Family involvement 
If the family of the employee is included it leaves an impression that the company is not just taking from the employee but wants to return the favour and that the organization is also faithful to the employee. Steps in this direction may include clubs for employees’ and their family members where they could gather and enjoy, funds for education of their children, include family members in health insurance, accident insurance or other such schemes etc.

Employee education & training 
This is also in favour of the organizations. A well-educated and trained employee adds value to the company. This may include routine short duration trainings, safety trainings and events (make the employees feel that their safety is important to the company), outsourced trainings by experts etc. Other techniques may include sending employees to different other companies in the same business to understand how they function and the culture at other organizations. 
There may be several other such measures that would not only increase the effectiveness of the organization but also make a name as the employees verbally communicate the culture and the benefits of working with any company.  


Monitory motivation schemes were discussed in part 1. To read that part please follow the link mentioned above.

To read more on training and development please click the link below. http://expertscolumn.com/content/benefits-training-and-development-programs


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