Employee Motivation Strategies (part 1)

For efficient performance of the organization as a whole it is necessary that the employees perform. The performance would be directly proportional to the motivation level of the employees. Following are the some of the measures that may be taken in the direction of employee motivation: - 

Monitory motivation
Employees are concerned about their salary but they are more concerned about the extra benefit that they get while working for the organization. There are plenty of schemes that the organizations perform in this regard.

One is the conventional annual (increment and performance based incentives) scheme through which the employees get

benefited but they don’t get to know why they got that much amount. Nowadays many of the organizations involve the employees while setting the targets and at the time of performance rating on the basis of the achievements.
Major loophole here remains when the employee doesn’t understand what his targets were thus at the time of his performance rating his mind is full of questions. It may be better if there are two rounds for target setting i.e. one with the reporting manager and a quick round with the HR manager. The minutes of second round should be confidential.
Despite all the precautionary measures if the employee fails to perform, there may be someone who investigates the problem i.e. was there a personal problem, problem
with someone in the department, problem with the job for example the employee was interested in recruitments but was put into Admin etc.  Once the reason is ascertained probable cure may be sought out for the same.

There might be other schemes than the annual scheme that keeps the employee re-thinking over his performance. Short term awards or spontaneous awarding at site may be implemented so that each step of the employees falls in the right direction.
The steps that may be taken are awarding the employees when he prevented an accident. This award may cost company a few hundred rupees but had the accident occurred the amount could have been bigger. Thus the employee gets motivated while the company is on safer side.
Other example may be if an employee has a thought which if implemented may benefit the organization’s production or may reduce the cost, the employee may be awarded. There are lot of reasons for which a small gift to the employees may motivate the employees to give his best while benefiting the company simultaneously. The discussion was restricted here to monitory motivation. For more please follow the link below. http://expertscolumn.com/content/employee-motivation-strategies-part2

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