Elephanta Caves - Tips For A Traveller

Elephanta Caves is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. What makes it more interesting is an hour’s ride from the Gateway of India through sea in a ferryboat with other passengers making pleasant hullabaloo.

How to Reach

Elephant Caves is located on the Elephanta Island. Ferryboats are available from Gateway of India that charge INR 105 and INR 130. The difference is in the seats and the view that is offered from above.

Take the tickets worth INR 130 and take the seats on the upper floor of the boat to enjoy the trip and have a complete glance at

the surrounding view such as Hotel Taj, Hotel Oberoi and the naval ships that can be seen while travelling on the route.

Tips & Warnings

Think over footwear
Try to avoid footwear other than sport shoes or choose something that you are most comfortable with as route to Elephanta Caves is unexpectedly long enough when you land the island after an hour’s ride.

There is a toy train that charges INR 5 per passenger and will

take you to the place where tickets are charged for entry to the area. .

The way ahead is then steps in the form of stairs. Choosing sport shoes will help keep the journey going in good pace and comfort.

Start in the morning

Start in the morning by around 10:30 am so that you may be able to spend some time at the Caves as it happens that people start early but spend most of the time at the Gateway of India itself (the place being so beautiful that they keep themselves busy in taking photographs for long). Apart from 1 hour each for to and from journey keep another 2 hours as scheduled for the Caves.

Best Season to Visit
Avoid monsoons. This is the worst season to visit Elephanta Caves. Choose a period between October mid to the end of May.


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