Does Percentage Matter – Importance Of Marks In Academics

What was your percentage in high school? How many marks did your child get this time? You got low percentage marks in graduation, would that affect your future? Do all these questions trouble you? Let us analyze from kids to professionals.

The purpose of students in primary classes is to get good marks just to please their parents. What actually is required here that the kids get a basic understanding of the subjects so that they get a strong base to ensure a smoother way forward. Percentage doesn’t really matter here but what matters is the basic understanding.

When the kids enter

a class, where they would have to choose the subject (commerce, science, arts etc.), there, the percentage does matter at reputed schools. I have seen people struggling to get their kids a physics, chemistry and biology combination but they could not because the marks were low. Generally science subjects are available at higher cut off marks.

The percentage differs from school to school. At some schools there is none such criteria but it all keeps changing to a tougher scenario generally. Next when the percentage plays a role is if the student wants to get admission in a good college. For those who graduate with B.Sc., B.Com or

B.A. percentage is critical to get admission to their favorite colleges.

For those who want to enroll for professional courses, it is not the percentage but how well they perform in the competitive examinations which are generally objective type. The minimum percentage marks vary from passing marks to 60% with maximum allowing 50%. At this stage scoring above 50% is sufficient to appear at majority of examinations.

For those who have completed studies and are looking for jobs percentage doesn’t really matter at majority of companies. What matters is how you perform at their tests (generally aptitude, interview, group discussions etc.). There are companies though that ask percentage more than 65%, yet anything above 60% is decent particularly for engineers.

Once you get the job, not the percentage but the experience matters. It is up to you how you enrich your knowledge and develop yourself as a professional. I have seen people with good percentage in their entire academic career, yet struggling for jobs. On the other hand there are those who could not do well, yet have acquired authoritative positions in the corporate world today.

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