Does A Keyword Rich Article Spoil The Quality Of Writing? Facts On Article Writing

Putting lots of keywords in the article helps the article to appear on the first page. Article guidelines of some paid article writing sites as well as other free blogging sites also mention the importance of keywords and where to put keywords in the article so as to get maximum results or more views. But does this keyword theory impact the quality of article writing?

Earlier I thought it was the title that should be keyword rich but then there are lots of keyword rich titles for the same article. Here comes the importance of keywords in the body of the

article and here begins the problem (not with all writers though).

When the writer comes to understand this technique he starts using the important keywords and keeps emphasizing on those words particularly. In this process a good quality article gets out of direction or the content that the article could have come up with gets lost somewhere.

When the focus is on important keywords (that can be easily known through several websites – free and paid) the main motto is left behind

and what goes on is the quest to get more views. The quality content is always welcome by the readers and they keep coming back to where they could get what they visited for.

For such websites, the readers or the visitors don’t rely on the search engine. They remember the webpage address and look for what they wanted to. Keywords are important to get that first meeting but then what lasts longer is the quality that needs to bring in the articles. 

Importance of keywords in any article can’t be overruled. A keyword rich article has the ability to get the attraction of search engine. As a result, ‘How to prepare a keyword rich article’ has become a major question for online writers particularly the new ones but it should not be compromised with the quality of the article.

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