Does Good Box Office Collection Mean A Good Movie?

Box office is a place where people buy or reserve tickets for the movies they want to watch. There have been movies with some of the biggest box office collections but did you really enjoy those movies? Does good box office collection guarantee a movie as good and worth the money and time you are going to invest in. What makes a good movie?

Everyone may have its own definition for a good movie. Some follow the crowd and go with the box office collections while some sit back and criticize the movies doing good (may be those people later watch

the same movie twice or thrice alone but that’s a different story).

The recent success of the latest release Ek Tha Tiger at the box office is not synonymous with the movie reviews. Box office collections may probably break the previous records yet not all the audience is happy with the movie. What raises the box office collections if the audience doesn’t feel the movie good?

Rowdy Rathore was another such movie where the box office collections were soaring high yet the movie reviews for Rowdy Rathore were not the best ones in the favor of the movie. Box office collections are sometimes

based on the movie star cast.

Some say Salman Khan is overrated. His movies work well at the box office only because his name is Salman Khan and people love him. But his movies too have failed to perform at the box office. The box office collection of movies like Yuvraj and Veer were not as would have been expected by the legendary Bollywood star.

Movies like Bol were critically acclaimed yet failed to perform at the box office. I can remember when I went to watch Bol the man at the box office refused to give the tickets as I was the only one or the first one to ask for Bol; others were going for Bodyguard.

What I believe makes a good movie is the dialogue from Dirty Picture, “Picture sirf teen hi cheezon se chalti hai, Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment”. Box office collection doesn’t guarantee anything. It is you who has to decide whether the movie entertained you or not. After all it is you who is putting money and time.


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