Does Going To Temples Really Help? Hindu Mythology Review

The number of pilgrims to the temples has seen a never before increase in the recent years. Religious visits have crowded some of the most visited religious cities of India such as Hardwar, Mathura, Varanasi, Ujjain, Nashik etc. Even the temples located on hills such as Amarnath, Kailash Mansarover and Vaishno Devi temples have seen interest of the common mass in the past few years. Does it really help going to religious places?

There was a poem from Maithili Sharan Gupt which brought out a beautiful thought. There was a person from the lower caste who wanted to pay a visit

to the temple to get a glimpse of the God that he believed in. Due to the overcrowded temple, security management, his poverty and caste issues he somehow could not manage to enter the temple. 

He tried hard to enter but was never allowed to. When he lost all the hopes he returned back home and found the God waiting for him. The God said, ‘I am waiting for you here and you are looking for me in the other places’. To pray at home is better than struggling for a view at the temple.

There were benefits of visiting temples when they were not such frequently visited and there was less population. The reason is majority of people

visiting religious areas are suffering from one or the other problem as a result of which they carry the negative energy along with them. This negative energy is transmitted to the surroundings and is concentrated inside the temple.

Earlier when the saints, priests and other religious people visited not to get recovered from the problems but to pray to God, thank God thus the environment always stayed peaceful. It is the positive energy inside the temples that was what made them special. This is the reason why even going to temples is not helping out people.

Be it any temple there are least instances that the temple remains silent. There is always some prayer, movement and music going on in such premises. Not only the famous temples of India but the less popular religious places are also being explored by those who believe in the Almighty.

The views may differ but it is actually the prayer and the belief in God that does the job and not the temple. Temple may also do if the person has the best of faith. After all the actual control is through the subconcious. Visiting such places for picnic would seldom help.

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