Do You Stop Team Members - Taking Leaves From Work?

As a reporting manager how do you respond to leave requests? Do you allow leaves at one go or investigate through questioning whether the reason for leave is genuine or you simply do not allow the employee to take leave unless you feel it is really urgent?

Different managers show different behaviors when asked about leave. Some would say no straightaway without even listening why the employee required leave. The others would try to cut short the leave to as low as possible (for example if the employee asked for 5 day leave, they would allow one or two days).

Some would

keep questioning as if they were trying to find out whether the employee has a genuine reason to go. There may be different reasons for their questioning but the employee surely would get irritated as to why he went with a leave application.

Some managers would not say no but also would not say yes. When there is a leave application in front of them they would put down a number of

responsibilities before they sign the leave paper. Generally, in such circumstances when the work load is high employees either avoid their leave application or reduce the number of days.

The others would simply say no as a result of which the employees either start looking for a different opportunity or start using the sick leave quota. There are other categories as well. How would you react if there were a leave application at your table or at your online system? It is not that there are only bad managers. I have seen managers that allow leaves without much questioning. Their only requirement is that the workload should not be on the high side (generally departments have their peak seasons).

Managers have their own strategies for team management and in this process sometimes they overlook the importance of leaves for the employees, the end result of which could become a difficulty for the human resources department in employee retention.

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