Do You Really Write Articles Online To Make Money? Real Answer For Real Writers

Do you write articles to make money? Well, if it is for money how much money do you make by writing articles online. After writing more than 300 articles online I don’t feel I should leave my job and become a full time online writer. Online earnings may sound good for the newbie but the older ones know it is not a full time career option unless you have your own website. Even if you earn $20 per day, can you spend your life on it with this growing rate of inflation?

The newcomers hope of getting hundreds of views from

day one (at least I hoped so). The reason was I thought my article writing skills are great but there are greater ones too. I thought out of millions of people if only 100 would open my article I get hundred views. How could I make money online then when the average was around 1$ per 1000 clicks?

This hope landed hard on the reality ground when I received only 5 views in 2 days. I continued to write more and more articles and continued submitting them to the paid article website undoubtedly the best one, and soon the number of views were increasing but not as I expected. It was limited to only 1 view per article for most of the articles that I had submitted online.

Then suddenly I realized the importance of keywords. Though I personally feel

that the ability of writer is restricted by the use of keywords it is an important aspect to make money online by article writing. The articles that I write now generate more views than I wrote earlier.

So, to cut the story short, if you are here to make money as many people say, I feel this is not really a money making area. Earning 5 dollars per day or 10 dollars or even 20 dollars per day may not be called as making money. And do you think you get all those 20 dollars. No. You have to pay service charges too to or

My personal opinion is to write for satisfaction and expressing the views and for making money, there are other jobs to do. People earn by writing articles online, no doubt, but they either have their own websites or they print books or publish e books.

Unless you come with a lot of groundwork it is going to be difficult how to make money online with just article submission as majority of paid article writing websites require you to market yourself. At they have mentioned everything from how to market articles, article writing guidelines and other important things that shouldn’t be ignored.

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