Do You Hate Her Mobile Phone?

Does your girlfriend love her mobile phone more than she loves you? Mobile phones are one of the greatest inventions of the past century but have you ever hated your mobile phones because your girlfriend attends her mobile phone more than she attends you. Do you hate your mobile phone when your girlfriend continuously keeps attending her calls when you are on date with her?

Do you hate your mobile phone when your girlfriend keeps reading the books on kindle even when you are waiting for her to speak something for you? Does your girlfriend like her mobile phone more than

she likes you? Do you hate her mobile phone? Wait! Is it not the same mobile phone that you gifted her?

Similar is the story with many people. They gift a mobile phone to their girlfriends and the mobile phone in turn grabs all the attention that the boyfriends should have got. They bring the best piece from the market (in their budgets of course) and they lose what was theirs i.e. ‘Attention’.

Her mobile phone becomes her best companion and you hate the mobile

phone of your girlfriend whenever you call her and the number is busy. She has to attend others too. Her life is not all about you, there are other relations as well but do you hate her mobile phone when you are sitting in front of her and she is chatting over phone all the time.

All person to person viewpoints and these are all questions that individuals may answer differently. Do you feel you are not as interesting as her mobile phone? Despite all the facts it is the mobile phone that connects your girlfriend with you whenever you want to. It is the mobile phone that brings your girlfriend closer to you and let you hear her voice whenever you desire.

Probably this is why you don’t snatch the mobile phone out of the hands of your girlfriend. Don’t you?

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