Do Videogames Cause Behaviour Problems?

‘Street fighters’ used to be the most loved game of his. He used to imagine the pens and pencils as different players to let them combat against each other. He used both his hands and repeated all those moves with his pens in his hands all the time. His notebooks were covered with video game stickers in fact he had a special diary for the stickers.

When Johnny was 10 years old he got addicted to the world of videogames. He skipped the school bus to go home walking. In this way he could stop at the videogame shop in the

way. He didn’t always have money but he could at least watch the game of his interest. Action games were his fantasy at that time. Videogames had made a serious impact on everything that he did those days.

He had fights with the fellow students and named himself as Ken (his favourite player from Street Fighters). His friends also enjoyed fantasizing with him and having physical exchanges with each other. He would never stop thinking about the actions performed by the characters in the games he used to play.

His parents

thrashed him, teachers scolded him and everyone accused him but he would not leave going to the videogame shops and skip tuition classes. School teachers and his parents were the most concerned people and they observed him going mad after the games but nothing could stop him until another addicting thing came into his life.

That another addiction was to fly kites. Johnny loved this sport. Now Johnny did not skip the school bus as the time of kite flying was limited to day time only. Though he was not towards studies yet his parents were happy that at least he was away from the videogames then. Another thing was that the kite flying was a seasonal sport. The addiction would automatically vanish once there is no one to fly kites and there are no shops to sell them.

Playing videogames affects the subconscious as this is done with a lot of interest. When anyone develops undisputed interest towards anything it forms a part of the behaviour of that person.

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