Do Services Offered By Job Portals Really Work? An Overview

Looking for job nowadays is easier as the information about the job openings is not only communicated through the older methods such as newspapers or verbal communication but through internet. Thanks to the job portals that many of those looking for a job got a platform where they can search a vacancy of their choice. But the question remains do these job portals and their exclusive services really work?

There are two modes in which a job seeker may look for a job on these portals viz., paid services or free services. Free services are more common where everyone can register

and start applying for jobs by just posting the resume and basic information required at the time of registering with the site.

Then there are paid services. Though the type of services offered by these job portals are many and depend what site the job seeker is relying upon, the following three services are the most common of them all: -

1) Resume Development – This is where these people (from the job portal) ask the candidate to register with them for a better and more effective CV or resume that could attract the eyes of the employer. This is true to some extent. Internet surfing is all about keywords and such is the case when searching for jobs or searching for employees.

Resume development is an effective service as all those keywords are inserted that could help you get in the eyes of the employer or job provider. These people charge some amount to build resume/CV. This is effective as you may

use the resume and keep updating it in the similar fashion that it was prepared by them earlier.

2) Display of Resume/CV – This is often offered as a combo with resume development service. However it is not a compulsion. This is also a paid service that allows those in search of jobs to attract the employers. The basic role of this service is whenever a job consultant or job provider searches for a job related to your field you are on the front page or on the top depending upon how the job portal people inform you when you avail this service.

3) Sending the Resume to Consultants - Here, the resume is sent to the top consultants in the country or abroad if you are looking for a job abroad.  As the market has become consultant oriented the role of consultants in getting the jobs can’t be overruled. The good thing is the consultants don’t charge from the candidate.

A job seeker receives employment opportunities with free registration as well as with the paid services. But the number and frequency of job calls that a paid service person receives is more. The above three services are sufficient enough to get the employers calling you for openings at their facilities; rest is your job how you clear the interview and make it to the final stages.

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