Do Not Only Praise But Point Out Weakness Too – Tips For Self-improvement

To praise is good but to point the weak areas of others is another way of winning good friends forever. Also this is a sign of true relationship. Those who believe only in compliments sometimes do not inform their acquaintances of the upcoming evil situations. This is why feedbacks are getting so important these days.

For example you prepared a report and asked your colleague to have a look at it so that you may then submit it to your boss. And what you friend does is he finds mistake yet doesn’t tell you but says good words to make you

happy. You could easily imagine what would happen next. 

On the other hand had that friend told you the truth, you would have developed a faith over him and had continued to seek his suggestions. This also would mean that you have gone through the report and not just turned the pages which ultimately is how much importance do you give to your friend.

The importance of praising others has been best explained in the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The book has been one of the most liked books on self-improvement and has taught or guided the people how to praise others. As a result of which everyone in the world these days wastes no time to say some good words.

Though very effective, the technique has been so localized that if not done with perfection most of them get a clue of what’s coming next. Everything changes with time.

The technique holds true and will stand true till the last day on this planet however a less popular yet effective technique may yield good results when it comes to influencing people.

This is about pointing out the weak areas or weaknesses of those around you or those you are concerned about. When you praise someone it is either out of some hidden purpose or you did it just because you couldn’t resist. The problem is when you praise those who are above your level in terms of money or position it doesn’t always mean to them that you are doing it without purpose.

On the other hand when you point out the mistakes or the shortcomings it means that you care for them or you are concerned about their performance. What matters the most is how you do that. The common error is when they do it publicly. It is best when the hardest of words are said in a polite manner.

When you put your hands over a person’s shoulder and say slowly yet confidently that how the act or performance or anything done by that person needed improvement or how he could have done better it seldom happens that the person doesn’t take it. In public even the best of words are rejected by the ego.

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