Do Degrees Matter? Employment Benefits And Limitations

In a world of competition only the fittest survive. Not only do the degrees matter but the college, place and the percentage also hold equal value when the decision on degrees is made. Though there are companies that offer interdepartmental transfer schemes but that too requires certain period of employment with that particular company. Here’s how the degrees may affect the career growth or the career opportunities: -

In an organization Johnny had been serving for 25 years. He joined as a temporary worker and after 25 years he was then a skilled worker. He tried to prove himself on several

occasions but due to the fact that he was not a graduate the company could do nothing to make him an officer.

In his opinion he was better than his boss and his boss sought his suggestions but neither the boss nor the company promoted him to the designation that he wanted to be in while there were fresh engineering graduates that were directly recruited from colleges as officers. There were some others who were recruited as assistant managers as they were from IIT.

It happens in the corporate

world. A degree obtained from a European or American Nation certainly holds a greater value than a degree obtained from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. The correspondence courses, executive MBA courses are so popular because of this reason only that they can provide the degree to a person so that he can achieve the desired career growth.

There is a difference in the degrees achieved from correspondence courses and the regular courses. Regular courses hold better value and are looked at by a different perspective than a correspondence course. For example an IIM graduate (regular course) and a correspondence course degree holder in MBA won’t get the same job opportunities.

In the end it may be said that though the degrees don’t prove that a person is talented or interested in that job or field, yet it is a symbol that a person certainly has some basic knowledge which he can improvise with time better than those who have worked at the ground level only without theoretical knowledge.

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