Hindi Bhajans/devotional Songs By Hari Om Sharan Some Of The Best Ones

There was a time when everyone in the industry was trying its hands over the Hindi devotional songs more popularly known as Bhajans. Other than Anup Jalota, the singer who made unforgettable contribution to the field of devotional music was Hari Om Sharan. Those who have witnessed him live can feel the aura this simple and humble man had.

He often sung with Nandini Sharan, his wife. Hari Om Sharan was a lyricist, music composer and singer. The Bhajans that he sang were totally his compositions. His simple lifestyle and the grown up beard and moustache sometimes confused the people as

if he were a saint or a singer.

His style of singing was to the simplest possible extent with simple but effectively arranged words and with a voice that enters the heart. He seldom used classical music but made the devotional songs so easy that even those who don’t know anything about the music notes can sing the bhajans with ease.

His album on Lord Shiva with Nandini Sharan had some of the best songs on Lord Shiva and River Ganga including He Ganga Tu Kaha se Aai,

Shiv Shankar Rakhwala Mera, Mahabaleshwar Bhola Shankar, Bail ki Sawari Kare and Kirtan. 

The bhajans sung by Hari Om Sharan can be easily heard in the religious cities of Northern India. Though the other singers have sung those songs and can be heard in their voices yet it is not difficult to recognize the simplicity and melody put in by the legendary Bhajan Singer Hari Om Sharan.

This list is to recall the best time of Hindi devotional songs when Hari Om Sharan came out with the best of his albums: -

1) Maili chadar odh ke kaise
2) Tera Ram ji karenge beda paar
3) Aisa pyar baha de maiya
4) Shri Hanuman Chalisa
5) Data ek Ram
6) Shri Radhey Govinda
7) Govind Jai Jai Gopal Jai Jai
8) He dukhbhanjan, Maruti nandan
9) Sweekaro mere parnam
10) Ram sumir ke rahem karega



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