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To write this review of Dell Inspiron 14R laptop is not a matter of pride but a common man’s guide for those who are about to buy this laptop. Despite the big Dell image in the field of laptops, there are a few problems with Dell laptops that I faced/started facing with in less than 9 months from the date of purchase. At first I ignored some of the minor issues with my Dell Inspiron 14R laptop but a bigger problem was waiting for me.

At first they don’t sell Dell laptops on their showrooms. You can only get Dell

laptops online. They assured me that my laptop would be with me with in next 10 days. So I had to wait and it was on the 10 working day (which means excluding Saturday, Sunday and any holiday that falls between) that I received my new Dell Inspiron 14R laptop.

The problem with this model of Dell laptop was when the laptop was connected to the AC Adapter the user could feel current if the user’s body was touching earth. The current could be felt only when the body touched the earth otherwise not and every time when the fingers touched the metallic lining across the keypad. This was ridiculous thing on part of Dell.

Another problem appeared a few days ago. I had shut down the laptop properly and left it on the table. An hour later when I tried to run the laptop it would not switch on. Dell Inspiron 14R is an adequately sized and a beautiful laptop but what if it doesn’t perform.

I thought probably the battery would have discharged so

I connected it to the AC adapter. It switched on then with a message that the battery function was disabled. I removed the battery, cleaned the dust accumulated over it and the laptop was functioning well again.

The next day the laptop came up with the same problem. This time nothing worked. The great Dell Inspiron 14 R laptop didn’t switch on. I referred the Dell user manual and tried to contact the online support but their phone lines were always busy.

After one and a half hours of patience I could contact the customer service representative who told me that since that was a hardware issue I would have to take it to the Dell service center. It was the only Dell Service center in the city so I had none other options.

At the Dell Service Center, the staff was kind enough and quick to judge the issue and replaced the motherboard. The laptop was working well again. I was happy with my Dell laptop again but only after a couple of days there was another issue. The laptop started only in the safe mode.

The beautiful Dell Inspiron 14R laptop rests again at the Dell Service Center where they have promised to repair it by another day. There were lots of people in the service center to which I concluded there are many people who face problems with Dell. The good thing is that they treat the customer in a very friendly manner.

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