Decision Making Why/how To Improve & Make Right Decisions

There are situations when opportunities knock the door but due to long time taken in making decisions or sometimes due to no decisions the opportunity goes the other door to get cashed in. There are some who make it to the top; some more who are a bit lower but almost at the top or near the top and rest is the common mass.

If analysed the reason how those at the top could attain or get what they could, there is a simple answer. All the better people had better decision making abilities. This is the basic used by the

management institutes first to select the bright ones and then to carve the better manager out of them.

The higher the position greater the responsibility and with greater responsibilities there come moments when people rely upon their leader to suggest or put his words/thoughts that they could take the action upon. Remember, the labours construct the building but the engineer makes the plan and his name rules till the structure stands as it was out of his decisions.

Decision making is what majority of people lack and unless this is improved there are fewer chances to succeed. Everything demands practice and practice makes the man perfect, if not perfect then

takes him towards perfection or excellence. Here’s a look at how this can be practiced: -

Poor decision making ability is found generally in those who have lower confidence levels be it any time. If those confidence levels are improved then this can be beaten. To get rid of low confidence set goals those are smaller. As the smaller goals are achieved keep raising the levels of those goals.

Stop fearing the loss. Dare to win and dare to lose. While making a decision, give a thought ‘what if you lose?’ Assume the worst case scenario and make the decision accordingly. The general insurance companies use this principle to insure or reinsure the risks that they underwrite or consider to underwrite where they call it probable maximum loss.

Start by making smaller decisions so that there is less pain on a loss. But make the decisions spontaneously. People take huge time to choose a shirt for themselves. Don’t make it this long. Try to make it in the shortest possible time. With practice it would be like a game to make decisions.

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