Transfer Request - Company Initiated Transfer Vs. Request Transfer

Transfer request is either initiated by the company or the employee. Though it depends on the company policies yet it is worth mentioning that the request for transfer to another location if raised by the employee then he may not be able to claim the reimbursement. Request transfers are not eligible for the benefits that the company initiated transfers provide at most of the organizations.

Keep cautious while filling the reason for transfer request. It is extremely important to know how to write a transfer request as this reason becomes the deciding factor for you to claim the reimbursement for the

relocation expenses generated as a result of your transfer. Reason shall not be anything that reflects your benefit; for example reason such as ‘To move closer to the home location’ may declare you unworthy to claim the expenses.

Before generating a request for transfer letter make it sure that the expenses are to be paid by the company. Go through the transfer and relocation policy of the company that you are working for. Relocation expenses generally include travel expenses, payment to movement of goods by packers and movers, accommodation charges until you get one on rent etc.

Johnny was working at Bangalore when he got to know that someone at the same position that

he was, resigned. The person who resigned was working near Johnny’s hometown. Johnny went to the HR department and requested, ‘In case there happens to be an opportunity, please consider me’. Unfortunately or fortunately there was suddenly greater than ever work pressure at the location that Johnny had requested.

When the company asked Johnny to generate a transfer request he was more than happy and in this happiness he did not only forget to ask the reimbursement process but also did not bother to read the transfer policy. When he was transferred he requested the relocation charges and his request was declined. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

There is generally no problem when company initiates the transfer however the request for transfer has to be filled by the employee. If mistake is made at this point then the employee may miss out the chance to claim what he actually deserved. Expenses are higher for those who have more household items, more than one family member and those who are moving to a location far away from the then present location.  

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