Comic Book Superhero Movies – Some Of The Best Ones

Superhero is a general term used for those who possess superpowers and try to rescue the world. Majority of superheroes originated from the comic books and their popularity brought them into the world of movies and cartoon series. Some of the most popular movies based on superheroes are: - 

? Super man
Superman was an alien who was sent to earth when newly born. He possessed superpowers ever since he was born. The only thing that he is afraid of is Kryptonite as he tends to lose his powers when near it.  He works as a reporter for a newspaper in

disguise while is a superhero in original.

? Spider man
An ordinary boy when bitten by a radioactively induced spider gains super powers. This boy, Peter Parker, works as a photographer in a newspaper. He is emotionally attached to a girl Mary Jane, to whom he marries in the comic book. 

? Fantastic four
Four scientists are on a space mission. Suddenly due to an accident four of them gain different super powers such as elasticity, invisibility, hardness and flame. There is another man who accompanies them in this journey and gains magnet like powers. He ended up in becoming a villain who was later confined by the fantastic four.

? Incredible hulk
A scientist to experiment his research injects a chemical formula into his son’s body as a result of which the son reflects physical abnormality at adulthood. These abnormalities are worst when he is angry. To keep himself alive he has to combat others. 

? Batman
In the city of Gotham, the darkness of evil had spread all over. Under such circumstances a child’s parents are brutally murdered and the murderers could not be traced. The child then makes a resolution to clear all the evil out of the city and create so much terror that none would even dare to rise for crime. He undergoes secret trainings side by side. Suddenly he joins the

company that his parents established simultaneously appearing as Batman. 

? X – Men
There is not one superhero in this. There are many. This story is about all those who possess superpower be it any. Doctor Xavier opens an academy for all those (called as mutants in this story). The mutants help the human race while the bad ones try to establish their empire. 

? Tarzan
The story of a child brought up by the Gorillas as his real parents were killed by a lion. A girl named Jane enters the jungle to research on Gorillas who later falls in love with Tarzan. Tarzan is not exactly a superhero but an interesting character to read and watch indeed.

? Iron man
An industrialist owns an organization of arms and ammunitions so large that it serves the military as well. When kidnapped by a group of terrorists he prepares a suit to escape that place. The suit has some special technology based powers. Later he develops that suit to fight against the evil.

? Ghost rider
A boy to rescue his father from devil enters a deal with the devil. As a part of this deal the devil takes his soul as a result of which he loses all fear to lose or to die. One day the devil again contacts him and makes him responsible to catch the evil souls and send them back to hell. This boy later came to be known as Ghost rider.

? Ninja turtles
A group of turtles that reside in the drains underground battles the evils, baddies and all the other that could cause harm to the society. While doing this they make sure that they come less into the public.

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