Cancer – Brief Introduction, Types, Reasons And Tests

Body is made up of cells that form tissues which in turn form organs. Together the organs are known form human body.

Sometimes due to unknown reasons the growth rate of cells increases which results in the formation of tumours. These tumours are of two types, one of them is malignant tumour and another is non-malignant tumour.

Malignant tumour is one which is responsible for spreading cancer. These are generally known as cancerous cells that grow at very rapid rate and cause cancer in that particular organ or organ system.

Non malignant tumours are those that can be easily removed by simple operation

and do not show ill effects afterwards for example brain tumour. 

What is cancer?

It is the rapid growth of cancerous cells in body of human or animal being which affects the normal functioning of organ. It may even grow and spread to the other body parts of the subject.  
Cancer may be observed in different stages, i.e. initial, middle and last stage or may be patient specific. Difficulty of the doctor to cure the patient increases from the initial stage to the final stage. 

Types of cancer are many. Some of the common types of cancer are as mentioned under: -
• Skin cancer
• Lung cancer
• Blood cancer
• Oral cancer
• Uterus cancer
• Breast cancer etc.

Major reasons for cancer
• Unhealthy eating habits
• Frequent contact with Ultraviolet rays (particularly observed in persons working with machines such as photocopy machines)
• Tobacco chewing and smoking
• Pollution (occupational

health hazards)
• Hereditary

Commons methods used for determination of cancer

There are always symptoms for cancer that can be observed easily for example breathing problem, rashes on skin (generally they don’t heal), early fatigue etc. If these are misunderstood with other regular diseases the problem may increase.

To confirm the disease for the symptoms, following tests are carried out: -

Blood test
Blood test is carried out in order to determine whether the person is suffering from blood cancer. During this test RBC and WBC count of the person is calculated and if the WBC count is extremely high then the person is considered to be suffering from Leukaemia.

Urine test 
Urine test is also done in order to determine the signs of cancer.

Biopsy: -
Biopsy is one of the most important methods for cancer determination. In this, cell of the body part is taken and tested out. Through this test it can be predicted which body part is suffering from cancer. It also shows the difference between normal tumour and cancerous tumour. For more please refer the following link: -  


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