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Industrial safety is all about the efforts made towards protecting the people and property against any unsafe act or unsafe condition to prevent an unwanted incident from happening. Out of the several steps to ensure safety such as safety awareness programs, safety meetings, machine guarding, lock out tag out, road safety, fire safety and other safety activities, there is another important step to minimize the loss of life and property. That step is to call fire brigade. Why and When? Find out –

Calling a fire brigade is important for the following reasons: -

Huge Premises
When the premise is spread in

a large area it means there may be different blocks of separate or the same categories. In such case the public fire brigade people may not be aware of where the block is and how to reach the affected area.

Modifications, alterations, expansions
Similar is the problem faced by the fire fighters when the factory has projects going on inside the premises. Modifications, alterations, expansion activities if not brought under the

notice of fire team may not only mean that they are not aware of changes in the premises but also their valuable suggestions may be missed out at the time when modifications are possible.

Inclusion in onsite emergency plan
Many people argue that fire brigade people will be accompanied by the security person at the gate in the event of emergency while the statement is missing out from the onsite emergency plan. Even the understood points should be included in the emergency plans.

Participation in mock drill
Fire brigade may also be invited to participate in special events like fire day, safety week, and may also be encouraged to participate in the mock drills carried out in the premises. It is not feasible always but at least once or twice a year. This would enable them to get acquainted with the premises.

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